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High Fibre Design creates unique knitted yarns. Using natural fibres in an extensive colour range the coloured and textured effects are knitted in rather than dyed or applied.

The felted yarns and the felt tips are made from beautifully soft 100% lambswool spun in Scotland. Colours have been specially selected to be used on their own or in tonal harmonies. The denim yarns are made from 100% indigo dyed cotton spun in the UK. The tones of blue naturally fade over time through washing.

Hand knitted on big needles they make large scale stitches creating tactile fabrics with a distinctive three-dimensional quality. Used in combination with other yarns and materials the unique characteristics of the yarn add another dimension to other creative applications such as appliqué, weaving and jewellery making.

Knitwear designer Fiona Henderson is the creator behind High Fibre. The signature yarns and contemporary textiles are inspired by a love of experimenting with traditional handicrafts and developing new techniques.

Each yarn is knitted by machine then washed and hand finished at the High Fibre Studio based in the Fenland countryside of West Norfolk.

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